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WPC Floor Installation

Jan. 04, 2020

WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE, as its name implies, is a composite of wood and plastic. The physical properties of WPC products are much better than ordinary PVC foam products, but the processing technology is difficult, so the market is generally PVC foam products. Wooden Plastic Composite board supplier shares with you.

1. Sweep the ground: Sweep the garbage on the ground, including all corners, the ground is not clean, and there will be a "rustle" feeling under the floor.

2. Finding the level: the level error of the floor can't exceed 2mm. If the floor is uneven, of course, the foot feels bad after the floor is laid.

3. Laying the bottom layer (optional): After the floor is cleaned, put on the mute layer first, which can prevent noise during the use of the floor.

WPC board

4. Cross laid: The next step is to lay the floor. When laying, a short piece should be laid next to a long one, so that the cross-laying floor will bite and not be easy to loosen. After the floor is assembled, it must be tightened with tools.

5. Pry fastening: After installing in a certain area, it is best to use a waste board to fix the installed floor, and use tools to pry in to make the floor completely bite tight.

6. Choose layering: the floor is paved next installation layering, the general floor is higher than the ground will use that kind of high and low layering, the floor and the ground as flat will use this kind of flat layering.

7. Installation of pressure strip: when installing the pressure strip, be sure to bite the pressure strip and the floor, and tighten the screws, otherwise the pressure strip and the floor will be easily separated in the future.

The WPC flooring market has great prospects, and the domestic market has not yet been developed. Today, due to the severe environmental protection, many small workshop-type laminate flooring plants have ceased production, while WPC flooring is simple to produce, and the decorative layer and core layer can be purchased and returned to the factory to be processed into finished products. This is a good opportunity for the transformation of laminate flooring plants. The completely environmentally friendly characteristics of WPC flooring are also the gospel of ordinary people. Its 100% recyclable feature will become a major selling point of the secondary decoration market, and the market potential is infinite.

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