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PVC Foam Sheet

Known as Chevron board or Andy board , or  referred to as Sintra board, Foamex, Vinyl, PVC foam as well,

PVC foam board comprises the chemical composition of Poly Vinyl Chloride, light calcium carbonate,foaming agents,etc. 

It   can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

PVC foam sheet 

Made of lightweight and foamed PVC, this PVC foam board is moisture and corrosion resistant. It is absolutely lightweight. It is also resistant to chemicals. The overall thickness of the material will range from 2 mm to 30mm. It is feasible to engrave, emboss, paint, print, laminate and mill the surface of the foam board according to your requirements. One of the most highlighting features of this foam board is that they will not decay with time and the color remains in the same new look for a long time without fading.

Production Process:

 Raw Material Mixing- Extrusion - Calibration& Cooling- Haul-off - Cutting-Stacking 


Standard size; Width 1220mm X Length 2440mm
Thickness :  2 mm to 30 mm
Finish: Smooth matt, glossy finish or embossed , laminated finish
Color:  White, Red, Yellow ,Blue,  Black, Green
Density:  0.30 - 0.90 g/m2


Advertising/ Building Decoration / Furniture use / Industrial use / Transportation