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What Do You Know About The Safety Of Outdoor Billboards?

Jan. 10, 2020

We live in cities. Billboards of various specifications are very common, or they are installed on the outer walls of street buildings or hung on the roadside in a conspicuous position. Think of the billboards and lamps on the outside that are experiencing wind every day. Blowing rain and shining sun, who can bear it? So what are the hidden dangers of outdoor advertising, and how to reduce the losses caused by these hidden dangers? PVC laminated board supplier China shares with you.

Chaos one: random setting and random hanging are strong

Some advertising styles are diverse, some are directly attached to the wall, some are directly attached to the anti-theft network, some are horizontal red cloth strips, and some have an iron shelf directly on the top of the building to hang various advertisements. These advertisements are relatively random and very uncoordinated with the surrounding environment. What is more serious is that they leave hidden dangers to outdoor advertising.

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Chaos two: Lack of maintenance becomes a security risk

Some advertisers and construction units are blindly pursuing the visual effects of advertisements, randomly changing the original design, continuously increasing the size of advertising plaques, or for the sake of profit, cutting corners on the quality of the project, or even just installing and ignoring subsequent maintenance. As a result, long-term outdoor hanging facilities are built on buildings in some important commercial blocks and densely populated places. Occasionally, billboards will fall and hurt people.

Chaos three: electrical equipment failure

The luminaires installed around the billboards on the external walls of the building have high power, complicated wiring, and many terminals. If the wiring is not standardized, it is easy to cause fires in the wiring and electrical equipment. High-power lighting tools are flammable near combustible materials after long hours of work.

Measures to prevent fire hazards of billboards:

Clarify the main body of safety responsibility, and design, install and manage strictly in accordance with the fire safety regulations for billboards on the exterior walls of buildings.

The billboards shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant national electrical technology standards during installation.

Smoking is strictly prohibited at the construction site, and fire extinguishing equipment is required. If an open flame is required, procedures for the fire must be completed and a permit must be obtained.

The installation of billboards should ensure that the exhaust smoke and heat are unobstructed and does not affect fire fighting.

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