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Three Ways to Teach You How to Choose Plates

May. 09, 2020

With the increasing quality of life, the concept of environmentally friendly life has gradually become popular, and more and more people have begun to pay attention to the health and environmental protection of homes. When many friends decorate their homes and buy plates and furniture, the first sentence asks "Is it environmentally friendly? Is there formaldehyde?" But there are so many types of plates on the market, how can we choose truly environmentally friendly and healthy plates? PVC celuka foam sheet supplier shares with you.

Furniture PVC Celuka Foam Sheet

1. The cost of environmental protection sheet is very high. The environmental protection sheet company develops some high-end markets, and the sheet must pass strict control: the advantages of raw materials and production technology.

The real environmental protection board is beautiful and elegant from the visual effect. When purchasing a board, we can pick up a board and observe at a 45-degree angle. A good environment-friendly board has a smooth surface, smooth edges, no blistering, uniform colour, and is full of beauty from the visual sense.

2. Whether plank is environmental protection, the formaldehyde that the key sees plank releases limit. Smell basically is to be aimed at formaldehyde to release quantity and come, when choosing, take a plank, in edge groove place smells, generally speaking, if formaldehyde content does not accord with a standard, so smelling certainly can have a very heavy pungent odour, this kind of board must not buy.

3. The sides of the plates produced by regular manufacturers will be clearly printed with specifications, production date, formaldehyde emission level, etc., we must pay attention to identify when selecting plates, if not marked, we must ask the manufacturer's specific conditions.

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