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Advertising KT Board Blistering Problem

May. 12, 2020

The wet and rainy spring is gradually away, and the hot and dry summer has started to debut, and advertising manufacturers have begun to worry about "advertising KT board blistering", but they have no way to deal with this problem.

Today, KT board suppliers help you find out the real reason for "KT board blistering".

1. There are quality problems in the KT board itself:

1) The raw material used to make the core of the KT board-PS particles contain impurities, which cause the size of the enclosed molecular structure inside the core to be uneven or even destroyed, resulting in the long-term release of internal gas;

2) Use low-cost and low-quality skin materials for compounding, so that the thickness of the core skin after stretching is uneven, and the core skin is prone to blistering under thermal expansion;

3) Purchase low-cost and backward composite equipment, resulting in uneven internal structure of the board core;

4) Short curing period, cut corners. The maturation period of the board core needs to reach half a month. If the maturation time is shortened, the gas in it will not be exhausted, and it will be volatilized for a long time during the later use, and it is easy to foam.

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2. Problems in the production of advertisements:

1) The glue on the back of the picture reacts with the surface of the KT board, causing the picture to start to arch and form a blisters;

2) In the process of making the painting, the adhesive and the KT board are not tightly attached, and the middle air is not completely exhausted.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the real cause of blistering in order to fundamentally solve the problem, ensure the quality of the product, and reduce customer complaints.

Our company has been focusing on product development, production and sales of advertising KT board and PVC foam board since 2003. With a professional service team with more than 10 years of industry experience, it provides advertising manufacturers with overall solutions for advertising materials and production processes.

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