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What to Do If the Nozzle of the UV Printer Is Blocked or Damaged?

May. 26, 2020

The core part of the UV printer is the nozzle. If the nozzle is blocked or damaged, it is usually caused by the following conditions. White PVC foam board supplier shares with you.

A. Use ink and cleaning fluid that has not passed SPT printhead factory certification.

B. Use expired or deteriorated UV ink.

C. The ink on the surface of the printing medium has cured and cured the ink remaining on the surface of the print head.

D. During the printing process, the surface of the print head is scratched to the printing medium, and the surface of the print head and the nozzle holes are damaged.

E. Use contaminated cleaning fluid to flush the nozzle.

F. The nozzle and ink path are exposed to strong sunlight.

G. The heating system of the print head and the 2nd level ink cartridge is out of control, and the temperature continues to rise and cannot be detected and handled in time.

H. Plug and pull the nozzle flat wire and nozzle circuit board with power on.

Laminated Board

If you really encounter the above problems and you do n’t know how to repair it, it is better to consult a technician. But if you encounter a UV printer clogged due to the contamination of the ink path and the interior of the print head, this situation can also be handled by yourself. How does self-cleaning and maintenance work?

The first step: remove the print head and use a special UV cleaning liquid to clean the entire ink system. If you find crystals and solid ink in the pipe, please replace the ink tube and ink filter in time.

The second step: clean up the ink on the surface of the nozzle, pay attention not to let the cleaning liquid and ink enter the circuit board of the nozzle.

The third step: ready (UV cleaning solution, cleaning tube interface, glass syringe, cleaning tray, non-woven fabric, cotton swab)

Step 4: Clean up the residual ink and dirt on the surface of the nozzle.

Step 5: Spread clean non-woven fabric on the bottom of the cleaning tray, pour clean cleaning solution, put in the nozzle, draw the cleaning solution back from the tray back to the syringe, pull out the syringe to press the cleaning solution, and repeat -10 times back pumping, and finally use the syringe to perform positive pressure repeated cleaning.

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