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How to Choose Furniture Sheet 1

Jun. 02, 2020

Presumably, everyone has the same feeling when decorating, how can we choose the cost-effective board without stepping on the pit? How to judge whether the quality of the sheet is excellent? Is the price reasonable? We must first understand the differences between different boards and the physical properties of various boards. KT board supplier shares with you.

The plate structure is divided into two important parts from the inside to the outside: the base material and the decorative layer. We need to pay attention to the substrate, because it determines the quality and environmental protection of the board, and the name of the board is also named around the nature of the substrate.

The main types of substrates are ecological board, biomass board, solid wood board, particleboard, density board, multilayer board, etc.; in general, the substrate is invisible unless the board is cut

The decorative layer mainly includes melamine, veneer, PVC film, PP, PET, aluminum alloy, fireproof board, etc.

Polystyrene Foam Board

1) Solid wood board

Material: Natural wood is processed into plates, and the classification of the original wood is also varied.

Advantages: natural texture, natural attributes, warm touch.

Disadvantages: long production cycle, low output, high cost, great influence by weather, easy to deform, and contains formaldehyde.

Applicable: low height cabinet door

2) MDF

Material: A board made of wood fiber or other plant fibers with an adhesive applied under heat and pressure.

Advantages: MDF is easy to finish processing, and all kinds of surface materials can be decorated on the surface of MDF; it is mostly used in the decorative engineering of buildings.

Disadvantages: If it is not moisture-proof, it will swell when it sees water; the nail-holding force is poor, and the load-bearing is poor.

Application: Not suitable for kitchen cabinets, suitable for modeling cabinet doors.

Our company provides polystyrene foam board.

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