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How to Choose Furniture Sheet 2

Jun. 09, 2020

KT board supplier shares with you.

3) Particleboard

Material: Particleboard is a kind of particleboard. It is a synthetic board made of wood or other lignocellulose fragments and glued under the action of heat and pressure after applying an adhesive.

Advantages: The decorative performance is relatively strong and the processing performance is good; the plate strength is relatively high and the stiffness is good, and it is not easy to bend when hanging thick clothes;

Disadvantages: the surface is not smooth; the flatness of the solid wood particle board is not as good as the density board, and it is more difficult to make the arc and shape.

Applicable: cabinet door, mainly laminate.

4) Ecological board

Material: The base material is spliced solid wood (such as Malacca, Chinese fir, tung wood poplar, etc.), and the face material is a melamine-decorated board, also known as wood board and large core board.

Advantages: The melamine paper of the face material is resistant to high temperature, acid, and alkali; therefore, the surface of the board is not easy to change color and peel, and it is easy to process into a veneer with different styles and strong texture.

Disadvantages: in a humid environment, deformation will occur; the average quality of the wood will also be moldy and insects and the nail holding force is poor;

Application: cabinet, such as wardrobe.

Laminated Board

5) Multi-layer board

Material: It is made of three-layer or multi-layer veneer paste by hot pressing.

Advantages: high hardness, stable structure; elegant appearance, good hand comfort, moisture resistance, and nail-holding strength are better.

Disadvantages: The use of poor quality glue in the production, the plate is prone to separation and deformation, resulting in a reduction in service life.

Application: Load-bearing cabinets such as bookcases, kitchen cabinets, etc.

6) Biomass board

Material: The raw material of the base material is a new type of biomass board composed of nearly 60% straw raw material, more than 30% common salt and mineral oil, and processed by high temperature, high pressure, and mechanical extrusion technology.

Advantages: It has the properties of waterproof, flame retardant, 0 formaldehyde, high-temperature resistance; a variety of decorative surfaces such as PETG, aluminum plate, PVC, fireproof board, etc. are available, and the texture is realistic.

Disadvantages: easy to be confused by consumers with ecological boards and density boards.

Application: cabinet, bathroom cabinet, balcony cabinet.

Our company provides laminated board.

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