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Functional Features Of WPC Floor

Nov. 28, 2019

WPC is wood-plastic flooring, is a new environmental protection wood-plastic composite material products. The waterproof Furniture Foam Board supplier shares with you.

Super anti-slip

The wear-resistant layer of the surface layer of WPC floor has special anti-slip properties. Compared with ordinary floor materials, WPC floor feels more astringent under the condition of sticking water, and it is more difficult to slip, that is, the more it gets wet, the more astringent.

Fire retardant

WPC floor fire resistance index can reach the B1 level, B1 level means that the fire performance is very good, second only to stone. WPC floor itself does not burn and can stop burning; it does not produce toxic and harmful gases.

Waterproof and moistureproof

The main component of WPC floor is vinyl resin, which has no affinity with water, so it is naturally not afraid of water, and will not be mildewed due to high humidity.

Sound absorption and noise reduction

WPC flooring has ordinary floor materials that cannot be compared with sound absorption effects, and its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels. WPC flooring can provide you with a more comfortable and humane living environment.

Antibacterial properties

The surface of the WPC floor has undergone a special antibacterial treatment. The surface of the WPC floor is also specially added with an antibacterial agent, which has a strong ability to kill most bacteria and the ability to inhibit bacterial reproduction.

Small seams and seamless welding

After the special construction and installation of WPC floor, the joints are very small, and the joints are almost invisible from a distance. The overall effect and visual effect of the floor can be optimized to the greatest extent.

Fast installation and construction

WPC floor adopts lock technology. The installation method is exactly the same as that of composite wood floor installation. It only requires some simple hand tools to install and lay. There is no need to do self-leveling cement treatment on the ground and special glue sticking. At the same time, the floor can also be easily disassembled and used many times in different places.

Variety of colors

The WPC floor has a wide variety of designs, such as carpet patterns, stone patterns, wooden floor patterns, etc., and even can be customized. The lines are vivid and beautiful, and with colorful accessories and decorative strips, they can combine beautiful decorative effects.

Thermal insulation

WPC floor has good thermal conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, and small thermal expansion coefficient, which is relatively stable. In Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions, WPC flooring is the first choice for floor heating and thermal conductive flooring, which is very suitable for home paving.

Polystyrene Foam Board

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