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Characteristics And Application Of WPC Board

Dec. 07, 2019

Wood plastic composites based on sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo shavings, rice husk, bran, peanut shell, cotton stalk low plant biomass such as fiber as the main raw material, using the polymer interface chemistry principle and the characteristics of plastic filling modification, mixed with a certain proportion of the plastic base, after processing by the special craft processing and molding of a reversible recycling, wide coverage, product variety, the diversity of morphological structure of basic materials. At present, there are different terms for this at home and abroad. Some also call it Plastic Wood, environment-friendly Wood, high-tech Wood, recycled Wood, polymer Wood, etc. The English name is wood-plastic Composites, abbreviated as WPC. It has all the characteristics of wood processing. Wooden Plastic Composite Board Supplier shares with you.

This new material has five characteristics:

1. Resource utilization of raw materials: part of the biomass material is basically waste utilization, with a wide range of sources and low value; Plastic component requirements are not high, new, old or mixed materials can fully reflect the comprehensive utilization and effective utilization of resources.

2. The product can be plasticized: wood-plastic products are synthetic products, which can be adjusted randomly according to the requirements of use, so as to produce materials with different properties and shapes. The utilization rate of its profile is close to 100%.

3. Use environmental protection: wood/plastic base materials and their common additives are safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and will not produce toxic side effects in the production and processing process, so it does not constitute any safety register for human body and environment.

4. Cost economization: wood-plastic products have realized the transfer of low-price plant materials to high-value-added products, which not only has a very low maintenance cost, but also has a product life several times longer than that of wood. The comprehensive comparison has obvious economic advantages.

5. Recycling: the scrapped products and recycled waste products of wood-plastic materials can be 100% recycled without affecting the product performance, which can truly realize the recycling mode of "reduction, recycling, and recycling".

WPC Foam Board

Application fields of WPC foam board:

1. Building materials: including a base material, integral door panel, wall panel, floor, and decorative material series;

2. Outdoor facilities: including fences, floors, columns, handrails and other categories of products;

3. Logistics and transportation: mainly include packing boxes, container plates, light, and heavy pallets, etc.;

4. Traffic facilities: main barriers, partitions, walls, signs and so on;

5. Furniture: main wardrobe, cabinet, tea table, flower rack, etc.

With the dwindling natural wood resources, the market demand for wood products is increasing day by day. Over time, a huge demand will eventually open the door of the domestic WPC board market.

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