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The Main Components Of WPC Floor 1

Dec. 12, 2019

WPC (wood plastic floor) is a new type of environmental protection wood plastic composite product. It is produced in the process of production and high-density fiberboard. It is made of the wood plastic composite material by adding recycled plastic and pelletizing equipment and then extruded into the wood plastic floor. Wooden Plastic Composite board supplier shares with you.

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1. PVC resin: Vinyl resin type 5 and Vinyl resin type 8 are used, with good strength and toughness and environmental protection. The two resins are used together at the same time, which can further reduce the cost

2. The fineness of calcium powder: because the large proportion of calcium powder directly affects the formula cost, processing performance, wear of screw barrel and product performance, it is not allowed to select too coarse calcium powder

3. Internal and external lubrication: considering the long high temperature stay time of materials in the extruder, as well as the performance and peeling force of materials, it is recommended to use high-performance wax to control the small amount of use, and use different wax to meet the initial and medium-term lubrication requirements.

4. Oxidized polyethylene wax J-600A: This product is a new excellent polar wax, so its solubility with fillers, pigments and polar resins has been significantly improved. Its lubricity and dispersion are superior to polyethylene wax, and it also has coupling properties. It is an upgrade product of PE wax. Oxidized polyethylene wax has low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness and other special properties, non-toxic, good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature, excellent dispersion of fillers and pigments, excellent external lubrication, strong internal lubrication and coupling function.

5. Calcium zinc stabilizer WD-8: due to the high content of calcium powder in WPC floor and the high requirements of plasticization, in addition to the control of screw type and processing technology, additives must be added to help plasticization. Wd-8 is a calcium zinc stabilizer specially developed by our company for WPC floor base materials, which has the following advantages: fast plasticization time, long-term thermal stability, good metal peeling, excellent compatibility and high Melt strength, reducing the amount of regulator.

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