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water proof 18mm wpc pvc foam board


Model No.: SLD-15060

Prouction Technology: Celuka

Standard Size: 1220x2440mm (4'x8')

Thickness: 15.0 mm

Density: 0.60g/cm3

Color: Dark yellow

Packing: In PE bag /Carton / Pallet

MOQ: 1*20'HQ

Payment Terms: T/T (50% deposit in advance, 50% balance before shipment);  L/C

Shipment Time: 15-20 days or negotiable


WPC namely Wood Plastic Composites is a new environment-friendly wood-plastic composite material product. In the production process of high-density fiberboard, wood-plastic composite material is made by adding recycled plastic through granulation equipment and then made by extrusion production group. Wood-plastic composite board is mainly made of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the base material and thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing aid, etc., which is uniformly mixed and then extruded by molding equipment. The high-tech green materials, combined with the properties and characteristics of wood and plastic, the real floor black technology, a new environmentally friendly high-tech material that can replace wood and plastic.



Density0.50 ~ 0.90 g/cm3

Size1220X2440mm (4' X 8'); Custom size is available
ColorLight yellow / Dark yellow

Surface:Flat / Excellent hardness

Representative productsThickness: 15 mm      Density: 0.60 g/cm3
Thickness: 18 mm      Density: 0.60 g/cm3
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waterproof 18mm high density wpc pvc foam board

Product Features:

WPC Foam Board is a kind of building material made of polyvinyl chloride, with features as waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistant, light, heat preservation, noise insulation, and shock absorption. It has the same processing method with wood, but compared with the processing performance it is far more superior. Therefore, the related products such as PVC Foam board and WPC Foam Board can be the ideal substitute of wood, aluminum and composite board. Furthermore, the surface is very smooth and of high hardness, which is not easy to be scratched. For this feature, PVC Foam Board and WPC Foam Board can be the prime choice in making furniture.

1. Resource utilization of raw materials: part of the biomass material is basically waste utilization, with a wide range of sources and low value; Plastic component requirements are not high, new, old or mixed materials can fully reflect the comprehensive utilization and effective utilization of resources.

2. The product can be plasticized: wood-plastic products are synthetic products, which can be adjusted randomly according to the requirements of use, so as to produce materials with different properties and shapes. The utilization rate of its profile is close to 100%.

3. Use environmental protection: wood/plastic base materials and their common additives are safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and will not produce toxic side effects in the production and processing process, so it does not constitute any safety register for human body and environment.

4. Cost economization: wood-plastic products have realized the transfer of low-price plant materials to high-value-added products, which not only has a very low maintenance cost but also has a product life several times longer than that of wood. The comprehensive comparison has obvious economic advantages.

5. Recycling: the scrapped products and recycled waste products of wood-plastic materials can be 100% recycled without affecting the product performance, which can truly realize the recycling mode of "reduction, recycling, and recycling".



Although WPC can absorb water into the wood fiber embedded in the material, they will not corrode and have high resistance to decay and moth corrosion. WPC has good working performance and can be molded with traditional woodworking tools. WPC is generally considered a sustainable material because it can be made from recycled plastics and wood industry waste. Compared with wood, it has the advantage of being able to mold almost any desired shape. WPC members can be bent and fixed to form a strong arch curve. They don't need to paint. They have many colors.


Application fields of WPC foam board:

1. Building materials:

including a base material, integral door panel, wall panel, floor, and decorative material series;

2. Outdoor facilities:

including fences, floors, columns, handrails and other categories of products;

3. Logistics and transportation:

mainly include packing boxes, container plates, light, and heavy pallets, etc.;

4. Traffic facilities:

main barriers, partitions, walls, signs and so on;

5. Furniture:

main wardrobe, cabinet, tea table, flower rack, etc.

Physical Properties:

                             PBM  Board Physical Properties
Testing ItemUnitTesting Index
Tensile StrengthMpa12-20
Bending IntensityMpa12-18
Bending elasticity ModulusMpa≥800
Impact strengthKJ/m28-15
Breakage Elongation%15-20
Shore hardness D.D≥55
Water Absorption%≤1.0
Vicar Softening PointºC≥75
Srew holding capacityMpa≥700
Fire Resistance
Self-Extinguishing Less than 5 seconds


Furnitures: cabinet, bathroom cabinet, wine cabinet, shoe cabinet, wardrobe, desk & bench

Others: exhibit booth, door & window, wall panelling, partition and many more.

WPC Foam Board /PBM Foam Board WPC Foam Board /PBM Foam Board WPC Foam Board /PBM Foam Board WPC Foam Board /PBM Foam Board

WPC Foam Board /PBM Foam Board

 WPC Foam Board /PBM Foam Board WPC Foam Board /PBM Foam Board