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Characteristics and properties of PVC foam board

Aug. 23, 2019

Characteristics and properties of PVC foam board 

Practice has proved that PVC foam board, which supplied by PVC foam board supplier has good thermal insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation, light bearing capacity and other performance, better than other light weight solid plastic expanded perlite, ceramsite, asbestos products and other thermal insulation materials, with simple operation, high degree of mechanization, time saving, labor saving characteristics. PVC foamed board can be transported by mechanical vertical pipe, which shortens working hours and improves efficiency by 6~10 times than other ways.

PVC foam board made insulation layer, used for roof insulation and external wall insulation, has incomparable insulation performance and adhesion performance of the structure layer, and convenient construction, environmental protection, time saving, efficiency and other advantages, can be used to replace polystyrene (benzene board) and other heat insulation materials. In south China, PVC foam board is also used to make PVC foam board bricks, so as to achieve the purpose of roof insulation and external wall insulation. It has the following features:

1. Economy: low comprehensive cost.

2. Heat preservation property: thermal conductivity is 0.06-0.070w/(M.K), thermal resistance is about 10-20 times of ordinary concrete.

3. Light weight: the dry volume density is 200-300kg /M3, equivalent to 1/5 ~ 1/8 of ordinary cement concrete, which can reduce the overall load of the building.

4. Compressive strength: the compressive strength is 0.6-25.0mpa.

PVC foam board supplier


5. Integrity: it can be poured on site for construction, closely combined with the main project, without boundary gaps and vent pipes.

6. Low elastic shock absorption: the porosity of PVC foam board makes it have a low elastic modulus, so that it has a good impact load absorption and dispersion.

7. Simple construction: automatic operation can be achieved with the use of PVC foaming board machine, and long-distance transmission with a vertical height of 200 meters can be achieved. The workload is 150-300m3 / working day.

8. Sound insulation: White PVC Foam Board China insulation board contains a large number of independent bubbles, and the distribution of uniform, sound absorption capacity of 0.09-0.19%, is 5 times of ordinary concrete, with effective sound insulation function.

9. Water resistance: cast-in-situ PVC foam board has small water absorption, relatively independent closed bubbles and good integrity, so that it has a certain waterproof performance.

10. After the addition of color masterbatch, the product can be made into a variety of colors. After the formulation of weather resistance, the color can remain unchanged for a long time without aging.

11. Drilling, sawing, nailing, planing, sticking and other processing can be carried out like wood, and construction can be carried out with general wood processing tools. The finished products can be processed by secondary thermal forming and folding, and can be directly bonded with other PVC materials.

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