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What Are the Excellent Properties of PVC Color Foam Board?

Mar. 24, 2020

First of all PVC color foamed board has good wear-resisting property. The wear-resisting property of the foamed board reduced the loss of material, reduced the waste of personnel, improved the cost performance, reduced the production cost and improved the economic benefit.

Foam board is to make plastics into plates and shape various forms. Now there are many kinds of foam board, according to the needs of different lines of its performance requirements are different, we have a look at the foam board has what good performance.

The Foaming board has good safety performance. The material of the foamed board itself colorless and tasteless, have environmental protection function, make the worker need not work in a bad environment, reduced working intensity, accelerated working efficiency.

PVC Foamed Board

Secondly, the foam plate has good corrosion resistance, easy to process excellent performance. Therefore, it is widely used to make acid and alkali tanks, extraction containers and other chemical equipment. The possibility of work environment pollution caused by corrosion is greatly reduced, which is conducive to the cleaning and environmental protection of the worksite.

Then, the foam plate also has very good resistance to high-energy radiation, low flammability, in the combustion produced less smoke.

Finally, the price of foam board is cheap, easy to process, most of the good insulation, easy to color, so it is widely used in chemical, packaging, electronics and other fields

PVC foam board appearance: feel to give a person with an elegant, comfortable feeling, and can nail, drill, plane, ax, rivet, stick, etc., easy to process and production, with wood processing performance;

Environmental protection: it is of far-reaching significance to the conservation of valuable forest resources, the conservation of energy and the sustainable development of the ecological environment.

PVC foamed board application: advertising industry with the board, road signs, decoration, furniture production, water and underground engineering, construction engineering, chemical tank lining and other aspects of chemical engineering applications, such as chemical plating tank construction, packaging materials, and turnover boxes packaging containers. In addition, it can also be used for the interior decoration of the automobile, train, subway, ship and aircraft industry.

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