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Do You Know the Substrate of the Ecological Board?

Aug. 12, 2020

The ecological board is a very common decorative material in our lives. It is widely used in the production of decoration and furniture. This is because it has properties that other materials can’t match. So how much do you know about the substrates of the ecological board? ?How many substrates does it have?

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Ecological board base material, also known as the ecological core board, refers to the middle board after removing the outer surface layer of the ecological board. In fact, there are many other ecological board substrates in addition to the big difference in the generalized ecological board substrate. Let's compare the levels of solid wood board, wood board, plywood, density board, and ecological board.

Laminated Board

1. The solid wood board is made of complete logs. The solid wood board is durable and has a relatively natural texture. It also has a unique aroma of the wood. However, the cost of the solid wood board is higher and it will cause a waste of wood resources. To protect forest resources and choose man-made panels that are easy to construct is to contribute to the construction of ecological civilization.

2. Blockboard is also called a big core board, which is a basic board made of two-layer veneer glued and spliced wood board. The outer veneer of the blockboard is called the surface board, the inner veneer is called the middle board, and the core layer is called the spliced wood core board. The small wood strips that make up the wood core board are called the core strips. The wood grain direction of the core strip is the longitudinal direction of the plate.

3. Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer board that is sliced into thin wood from a wooden square or cut into a veneer from a wooden section and then glued with an adhesive. Usually, an odd-numbered veneer is used, and adjacent layers of veneer are used The fiber directions are glued perpendicular to each other.

4. Density board is a man-made board made of wood or plant fibers through mechanical separation and chemical treatment, mixed with adhesives and waterproofing agents, etc., after high temperature and high pressure. Because the surface of the medium-density fiberboard is flat, it is easy to paste various finishes, which can make the finished furniture more beautiful. In terms of bending strength and impact strength, it is better than the ecological board.

5. The ecological board is also called particleboard. It is made of wood or other wood fiber materials. After drying, mixing with adhesives, hardeners, waterproofing agents, and other adhesives, it is a synthetic artificial under the action of high temperature and high pressure.

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