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Comprehensive Advertising Materials Are Here 4

Mar. 19, 2020

Foam core supplier shares with you.

14. KT board

KT plate is a kind of PS particles through the foam generated by the plate core, after the surface of the film covered by a new material, the plate body crisp, light, not easy to deteriorate, easy to process.

15. Photographic paper

Also called photographic paper, high - gloss paper, the traditional printing industry used to develop a photo of a material.

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16. Water-based white light gum (can be removed)

The adhesive can be removed from the adhesive surface, coated with a transparent ink absorption coating, coated with UV resistance, preservation time for a long time. Scope of application: applicable to indoor advertising, elevator door Posting, storefront glass Posting, can cover the background color of the flat surface of the cylinder uneven tank.

17. Vinyl

Also known as self-adhesive label material, the post-it note is a composite material made of paper, film or special materials, coated with adhesive on the back and coated with silicon protective paper.

18. Transparent membrane

The transparent film used in the decoration project, also known as the soft film ceiling, can cooperate with a variety of lighting systems (such as neon lights, fluorescent lights) to create a dreamlike, shadowless indoor lighting effect. At the same time the heavy and dangerous that abandoned glass or plexiglass and the shortcoming that small piece assembles, already became new adornment window step by step, become the first choice of transparent material.

At this stage, due to the need of fire prevention, the light transmittance membrane has class A, class B, class A fire transmittance membrane can be used in any place (especially large public places), and class B light transmittance membrane because of the low fire level, by the fire code restrictions, can only be used in A small area in general places.

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