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Black PVC Foam Board sheet

Brand: Aibo

Model No.: WQST-B10

Production Technology: Co-extrusion

Standard Size: 1220x2440mm (4'x8')

Thickness: 10mm

Density: 0.50g/cm3

Color: Black

Packing: In PE bag /Carton / Pallet

MOQ: 1*20'HQ

Payment Terms: T/T (30% deposit in advance, 70% balance before shipment); L/C

Shipment Time: 15-20 days or negotiable


Black PVC Foam Board

Black PVC Foam Board is commonly used for signs, point of sale displays and advertising because it is robust, lightweight and easy to carry or mount. 

It is also weather resistant so it can be used indoors or outside. Foam PVC can also be referred to by its trade or brand name,Foamex.

It has a flat, even surface with a bright, smooth finish which makes it ideal for printing or laminating. 

Black PVC Foam Board is frequently used for model making and crafts because it is affordable, adaptable and long-lasting.

Black PVC Foam Board can be cut or shaped with carpentry tools. It is available in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses.


Density0.40 ~ 1.0g/cm3
Standard Size1220X2440mm (4' X 8'); Custom size is available
Surface:Smooth & high glossy & excellent hardness
ColorWhite /Red / Yellow / Blue / Green / Black
Color modelsPVC Colored Foam Board

Product Features

Robust and lightweight

Coloured PVC Foam Board is robust and hard-wearing. It is firm enough to be cut or shaped with carpentry tools but light enough to carry or mount with ease.

Flat and smooth printable surface

Coloured PVC Foam Board has a surface that is highly suitable for printing or laminating, making it an ideal option for signage and displays.

Versatile and long-lasting

Coloured PVC Foam Board is versatile and long-lasting making it an economical choice for a range of indoor and outdoor projects.

Processing Features

1. Easy fabrication with conventional tools, such as blades, saws, hammers and drills.

2. No surface painting needed to display a noble image of your design. Bonding together with other PVC products by PVC adhesives

3. Suitable for thermal shaping, thermal bending and fold processing. Welding according to normal welding procedure.


Outdoor Advertising , Billboard, Printing board Signage, sign board, logo,

Company culture wall, house ceiling decoration, furniture

Engraving Panel, Inner decoration for train, car and many more

PVC Co-extruded Colored Foam Sheet PVC Co-extruded Colored Foam Sheet PVC Co-extruded Colored Foam Sheet PVC Co-extruded Colored Foam Sheet

Product Range

Size (Width * Length)Thickness (mm)Density( g/cm3)Board Color
4' x 8'30.50White
4' x 8'50.50White
4' x 8'50.45White
4' x 8'80.45White
4' x 8'100.45White
4' x 8'120.45White
4' x 8'150.45White
4' x 8'180.45White
4' x 8'50.50Red /Yellow / Blue / Green / Black
4' x 8'80.50Red
4' x 8'100.50Red /Yellow / Blue / Green / Black
4' x 8'150.50Red /Yellow / Blue / Green / Black
4' x 8'180.50Red
NoteCustom size is available upon request
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