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Polystyrene Foam Board

Polystyrene Foam Board

KT Board / Foam Board is an extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two sheets of clay-coated paper,high-impact polystyrene film, or another vinyl film. It is a very strong, lightweight, and easily cut material used for the mounting of photographic prints, as backing in picture framing, in 3D design, and in painting.

Product Description

MaterialFoam Board/KT Board/Polystyrene Foam Board

Application: KT board is widely used in advertising, architectural decoration, culture and art and packaging.

KT board is the ideal substrate for short-term promotional campaigns and can be used to create point-of-purchase and point-of-sale displays, hanging signs, window displays, trade show displays and exhibits, three-dimensional displays. 

It's also perfect for creating sophisticated packaging, It provides a flat, smooth surface that offers excellent printability in both digital-printing and screen-printing applications and is available in 4 feet width for large-format printing. 

It is easy to fabricate – even with hand tools. But more importantly, it is a recyclable substrate for a smooth-surfaced economical printing solution. For more KT board applications, please click!

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