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What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing PVC Foam Board?

Aug. 24, 2021

In daily life, PVC foam board is ubiquitous and can achieve different decorative effects. In-home decoration, PVC sheets are widely used, such as desks, bookshelves, sofas, kitchen cabinets, beds, etc. PVC sheet materials can be used. Because PVC foam sheet is very popular and popular with consumers in the market, but there are very many products in the market now. So how do we choose? This is to discuss the aspects you need to consider when choosing a PVC foam sheet.


1. When buying, you should first look at the appearance to see if the board is flat and smooth, no cracks, whether the surface is glossy, no scratches, and then hand-knocking its board to see if the sound rings.

2. Smell the smell of the PVC foam sheet, whether there is an irritating smell, if so, it is a substance harmful to the body, so you need to choose a tasteless and safe product. When choosing, you can ask the supplier to issue an inspection report to see if it meets the standard, and then choose according to the installation site, personal preference, and environmental coordination.

3. PVC sheet is a flame-retardant material, combustible when exposed to open flame, extinguished when exposed to fire.

PVC Foam Board

 PVC Foam Board 


Characteristics of PVC foam board

PVC foam board is widely used, PVC foam board surface, can be painted or made into a variety of colors, with flame retardant, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, long service life, high strength, non-toxic, strong anti-aging ability, can be thermoformed, etc.


  • The appearance of PVC foam board: the feel gives an elegant and comfortable feeling, can be nailed, drilled, shaved, axed, riveted, glued, etc., easy to process and make, processing methods of diverse wood characteristics.

  • Environmental protection: It has far-reaching significance for saving valuable forest resources, saving energy, protecting the ecological environment, and promoting the sustainable development of human society.


  • PVC foam board applications: advertising industry with plates, nameplates, decorative decoration, furniture production, water, and underground engineering, construction work, chemical storage tank linings in chemical engineerings, such as the construction of chemical plating bath, crates, and other packaging materials and packaging containers, can also be used in the interior decoration of cars, trains, subways, ships, aircraft, and other industries.

PVC Co-Extruded Sheet

 PVC Co-Extruded Sheet


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Why should I use PVC foam board?

A. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is known for its high quality, lightweight, and water resistance. The fascinating atoms and dipoles together form a mixture of polyurea and PVC, which is known for its low or no moisture retention and high quality. Thanks to the structure of these polymers, PVC gains durability.


Q: How do you see the performance of PVC sheets?

A: It depends on your application. PVC is recyclable, so there are many products made from recycled PVC.


Q. Is PVC foam waterproof?

A. PVC foam board is moisture resistant and corrosion-resistant. It is absolutely lightweight. It is also resistant to chemicals. The total thickness of the material ranges from 6 mm to 45 mm. The surface of the foam board can be engraved, embossed, painted, printed, laminated, and milled according to your requirements.


Q. Is PVC board fire resistant?

A. PVC foam board is self-extinguishing and cannot catch fire. It has a UL-94 flame-retardant rating, which is the highest rating in terms of fire resistance.

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