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What Are the Types of PVC Foam Boards?

Aug. 04, 2021

PVC foam board is widely used in all buildings. But how much do you know about this product?


What is PVC Foam Board?

PVC foam board, also known as expanded PVC foam board, is a lightweight, rigid material that is less dense than traditional PVC. It retains many of the same properties as typical PVC, such as an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, good flame retardancy, and excellent chemical resistance.


What are the common uses of PVC foam sheets?

Car, bus, train ceilings

Partitions, interior panels, decorative panels

Interior furniture, such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Residential and commercial building materials

Advertising, signage display, computer engraved panels

Chemical industry corrosion protection

Wet and humid environment construction


PVC Foam Board

 PVC Foam Board 

What are the types of PVC foam boards?

There are many different types of PVC foam boards on the market. Before talking to a wholesaler or manufacturer, make sure you know what the differences are and where you should use them.


PVC free foam board

The term "free" refers to the free foam method of its production. The PVC foam melt expands freely as it leaves the die and then enters a calibrator separate from the die. The Free-foam method is the most basic process for producing PVC foam boards. This is why usually PVC free-foam board is the least expensive of all types.


PVC Celuka Foam Board (pvc crust foam board)

"Celuka" is one of the production processes. the Celuka method uses a mandrel inside the mold and there is usually little space between the mold and the calibrator. The cooling of the surface in contact with the calibrator wall produces a very strong skin on the surface of the board while filling the foam layer inside.


White Co-extruded PVC Foam Board

 White Co-extruded PVC Foam Board

PVC co-extruded foam sheets

The co-extrusion process is an upgraded version of the common extrusion process. It allows the sheet to be made from a combination of three layers: two rigid layers of PVC and a middle layer of foam PVC. Due to its rigid layer, PVC co-extruded foam sheet has a harder and smoother surface than PVC celuka foam sheet.


PVC laminated foam sheet PVC laminate porcelain

PVC laminated foam board is a single-sided or double-sided laminated PVC foam board. This product solves the problem of the limited choice of PVC foam board patterns. With its PVC film or aluminum surface, PVC laminated foam board looks like natural wood and even has a wood grain texture.


Color PVC foam board

The color of the PVC foam board is added at the raw material stage, making the whole board one color. As a buyer, you can customize any color you want using a specific order quantity.


Wholesale WPC-foam board - WPC-foam board - WPC-decorative board for furniture board

WPC foam board is made of wood and plastic, also known as the wood-plastic composite board. It has a natural look without the problems of wood while retaining all the benefits of PVC foam board.

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